About Me

I am a PhD student and blogger currently living between Manchester and the Lake District. I study at Manchester Metropolitan and have been here for four years to date. I completed my undergraduate degree with a 1st class honours in Tourism Management in 2016, worked as a research assistant at the university throughout that summer, and then began studying for a PhD in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Retail/Tourism in September that year. I love studying, writing and travelling, as well as running, yoga, and cooking healthy meals and indulgent desserts (its all about that balance, right?).


Our beautiful planet earth is a magnificent place and I believe travelling to the diverse and wonderful corners of it opens up our heart and mind like nothing else could. Through the travel section here on Bleu Daisy, I hope to inspire others to travel more often by sharing my adventures, as there are so many amazing places waiting to be discovered. Life should not be lived in one place…

For any enquires or collaborations feel free to contact me at: