Singapore won me over within minutes. A land of opportunity and overwhelming potential, Singaporeans are welcoming of tourists giving the city a real home from home feel. The cliché of a clean, green, safe environment comes as no surprise, the streets are litter-free, there are cleaners in every room, and I have never felt safer in a bustling city centre.

Singapore has it all; the food, the weather, the shopping, I could list a hundred reasons why I love this place but I have managed to narrow it down to my top 8 reasons why you may want to consider a life in Singapore.

1. Land of Opportunity

Schools and universities are full of opportunities with the substantial facilities. For example, at universities it is well known that they have whole campus’s dedicated to subjects such as fashion, where students have their own area to showcase projects and express creative ideas with others, thus, enabling them to see their work come to life and receive constructive feedback. As the city is ever changing and expanding with new buildings being erected in major areas, this opens up job opportunities for Singaporeans and influences more business within the city.

2. Safe City

Strict laws reap benefits of a safer, non-drug environment, people are career focused and ambitious, children are not exposed to such behaviour in schools or on the streets as they are elsewhere, making Singapore a safer place to raise a family. Women feel safe to roam the streets or use public transport at night, and parents can rest assured their children will return home safe of an evening with no fears of danger inflicted by others. For a bustling city this is extremely rare, in New York and London for example, people would never dream of doing so. Of course low crime doesn’t mean no crime, but low crime is an unusual quality for a city nowadays.

3. Convenient Transport Links

The MRT conveniently runs every five minutes which makes getting round the city quick and easy. As a tourist and first time visitor to Singapore, we had no trouble finding our way across the city to the main area and attractions. The fares are low priced and it is easy to hop on and off anywhere you like with such frequent services.

4. Late Starts, Late Nights

A typical day in Singapore starts late with businesses opening up around 11am and keeping open until late night. As I am a super early bird I would struggle with this, however, the morning is the perfect time for a peaceful run down orchard road before the madness of the rush hour begins. Or simply get some household chores done and enjoy an outdoor breakfast whilst admiring the beautiful sunrise. As the sun goes down business is still booming, so this is the perfect time to catch up with friends or squeeze in some late night shopping. Ideal if you are in need of a last minute outfit or gift.

5. Food

When travelling I love indulging in the local cuisines, but I also love a few home comforts every now and then too. The great thing about Singapore is the restaurants stay true to the nation by serving classic Singapore dishes. Mexican, Italian and English restaurants are unfound and international food chains such as subway and McDonald’s are few and far between. Food here is a national obsession and frequent topic of conversation. Singaporeans are not shy of a good meal after hours.

6. World Class Airport and Facilities

Without a doubt the  most welcoming airport worldwide. Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was the security guards grinning from ear to ear, greeting and welcoming passengers into the country. This is a rare, positive change from the typical intimidating, poker faced, machine gun holding guardsman. Breeze through the ultra-efficient immigration (no queues here) and wait no longer than five minutes to pick up your luggage after the plane has landed. The queue at the taxi rank can be occasionally daunting, but fear not, with the abundance of taxi drivers the wait is usually no longer than five minutes. It is easy to breeze from the plane through the airport within 30 minutes, but that’s all depending on how much of a shopaholic you are, with the abundance of duty free shops, you will be spoilt for choice.

7. Close to Holiday Destinations

It takes just a short plane, boat or train ride to reach top destinations such as Thailand, Kuala Lumpur and Bali to name but a few. Travel packages are inexpensive and take no longer than a day to reach depending on your transport method and route of course. With such a convenient location it is easy and affordable to hop over for a long weekend break in paradise, or to continue on your travels.

8. Shopping

Orchard Road is brimming with shops like I have never seen before. A spend thrift, shoppers paradise. Everything you could ever imagine is available and no matter your budget there is something for everyone, from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Balenciaga, to H&M and Topshop, and an abundance of local businesses selling fake ray bans and Rolexes in between.