1. Never Miss an Exercise

Rise early and you will never miss a workout again. A long day at work can often lead to an evening workout being cancelled because of other things that come up. But, if you have made the effort to get out of bed you are less likely to skip the workout which means you will stay on track with meeting your health and fitness goals. As we all know exercise releases feel good endorphins, so getting that work out in first thing means you will be set up for a positive day.
Plus, if you use this time for a 20-30 minute HIIT workout, you will continue to burn calories at a faster rate throughout the day due to the increase in your metabolism.

2. Meditation and Quietude

Whilst the rest of the house sleeps, this is the ideal time to grab some well-deserved quiet time. Take these precious minutes to calm and centre your mind before the chaos of the day unfolds. Get in touch with your inner self. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take a deep inhale, followed by a long exhale. Repeat 10 times or more, concentrating on the breath as you do so. Beginning the day with a clear mind will help you to maintain peace within, ensuring you can overcome any challenges that come your way. As well as this, you will undoubtedly emanate positive vibrations to everyone you come in contact with that day.

3. Increase Your Daily Productivity

By giving yourself a couple of extra hours each morning, you will have a head start over everyone else that day. Use this time to get everything ready for the day ahead, pack a healthy lunch or catch up on errands. This is your time to get one step ahead. Alternatively, we often use this time to read our favourite books, or work on the blog. Then, by the time evening comes around you will be able to relax or spend time with family or friends.

4. Breakfast

It is well known that people who eat any breakfast tend to maintain weight control, stable blood sugar levels and healthy eating habits throughout the day. However, eating a nutritious breakfast pretty much seals the deal for a productive day as it is proven to boost your concentration levels, your energy levels, and improve your short term memory. If you have started the day with a HIIT workout, this is definitely the time for a high-carb breakfast as your body needs the added fuel to ensure a quick recovery. Plus, as previously mentioned, take advantage of the fact that your metabolism will be soaring at this point and enjoy those carbs. Our favourites are a yummy bowl of raw cacao porridge with mixed fruit and nuts – find our top 5 post-workout breakfasts here.

5. Catch the Morning Sunrise

One of our favourite wonders of the world is the beautiful sunrise. Now that summer is just around the corner here in the UK, it is time to start enjoying the brighter and (slightly) warmer mornings by jumping out of bed earlier. Gone are the days of setting off to work in the dark and arriving home in the dark. The sunrise is the perfect backdrop for a morning run in the park, a healthy breakfast in the garden, or a relaxing meditation session. The suns energy will leave you feeling reenergised and revived for the day ahead.

How to Become a Morning Person

It may seem like an easy task to become a morning person, but for many it remains one of life’s challenges. Here, we have compiled a few tips to help you get started and change your ways.

1. Go to bed early

Seems obvious, right? Apparently not so much. Having always been early risers, we constantly get asked how we do it. The simple answer? Get an early night…or 7! By heading to bed for 9-10pm and rising for 5-6am, you are still easily achieving a good 8 hours sleep, which is the recommended daily amount for adults. Of course everyone is different, but you can easily train your mind and body into this new routine, and start getting the most out of your mornings. If you struggle to wind down so early, try switching all electronics off (including your mobile!), put the book down, turn down the lights, and you will soon be snoozing. If you are still struggling, try a ‘guided meditation’, there are hundreds available for free on YouTube.

2. Don’t rush into it

If you usually rise at 8am, the worst thing you can do is set your alarm for 5am and expect to awake full of energy and ready to start the day. Remember, you have to train your mind and body. Avoid setting yourself up for disaster and try waking up 15-30 minutes earlier each day and working backwards from there. These things take time, but you will soon find that after a week of early nights you will soon be raring to go at 5am, and within a month, you will have transformed into an early morning riser!

3. Make early mornings into a treat

Make that breakfast so good that you cannot wait to go to bed just to wake up and eat it! A healthy smoothie, chia pudding, fresh fruit and yoghurt, oat variations…the list is endless for scrumptious breakfast recipes! Prepare something delicious and you will be hopping out of bed with a spring in your step every day.
Alternatively, tie your passion into your morning routine. You know that thing that keeps you awake dreaming at night? That one dream/goal that you want to achieve but seem to ‘never have the time’ for. This could be anything! Anything unique to you. It could be that you want to transform your body but work and social commitments always seem to get in the way, so mornings are the only time you have for working out. Whatever it is, there has never been a better time.

Early mornings open up endless opportunities.

What are your top tips for becoming an early morning person? We would love to hear more!