The simplistic, pleasurable lifestyle of the local people and villages in Ubud is refreshing and rare to see, as this sort of lifestyle seems to have disappeared from many parts of the world. Early morning sees local women traditionally dressed in colourful sarongs, spreading holy bamboo trays, known as ‘kumarang’, throughout the streets, markets, shops and hotels. This is an old ritual that is believed to keep a harmonious relationship between the world of humans and the world of Gods, ahead of the new day. The belief and passion for a better life is over whelming, and the peoples smiles and courteousness infectious. The simplicity of the island and the willingness of the people pulling together for a better future, not just for themselves, but for the island and its people for generations to come is truly heartwarming.

Ubud is well known as the idealistic retreat for rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul, but the great thing is that you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds on lavish resorts when there are so many quaint and affordable resorts out there such as the adorable Ubud View Bungalow.

Ubud View Bungalow

Quirky, unique and definitely a culture shock, Ubud View Bungalow is a great find offering an unusual, yet pleasant place to stay in central Ubud. With so many ultra-modernised, up market resorts on the island offering all-inclusive retreats at high prices, it was pleasing to find such a lovely, traditional resort for just £10pppn, with accommodation in the form of the sweetest wooden ‘shack’. Our room was on the upper level overlooking the pool as requested, with a comfortable, large double bed and a balcony to the back as well as the front. To the back we overlooked lush greenery and rice paddies.

The highlight here is the breakfast, delivered to your balcony every morning at a time of your choice. Choose between traditional Balinese, English or American cuisine. The pancakes are heaven sent, with accompaniments of toast, fresh juice or fruit salad, and tea and coffee too, you definitely will not be left going hungry.

Prepare to be lulled to sleep by the traditional Balinese music playing softly from morning through night, and wake up to the chirping of roosters, as you feel revitalised and invigorated for a new day and a new adventure in paradise.